Speaking engagements

As a coach, I have the great privilege to do what I love – helping others to be the best version of themselves and to achieve their goals. My mission is to inspire the world by helping individuals, groups, and teams to maximize their greatness in their professional and personal lives. Thus, in addition to individual coaching, I offer keynote talks in areas about which I am particularly passionate.  I bring an engaging, authentic, and personal perspective to my speaking, and structure the presentations to be interactive and "coaching-like" to achieve the maximum impact for participants.   

My current offerings center on these topics: 

  • Coach Yourself to Avoid Burnout 

  • Coach Yourself to Energize Your Career 

  • Coach Yourself to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence 

  • Don’t Just Stand There – LEAD!  How anyone can, and why everyone should, embrace leadership 

  • Coach Yourself Through Chemo-Brain  


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