Why work with me?

Our only goal is to help you achieve your goals, whatever those may be.  We help you to identify the best version of yourself and create a tailored pathway to achieve professional success, personal growth and health and well-being.  


What We Offer:

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching and Development 

  • Team Emotional Intelligence Coaching 

  • Burnout Prevention and Recovery 

  • Speaking 

  • Coaching for Chemo-Brain and Cognitive Challenges 


What You Will Achieve:

  • Clarity:  You will know with certainty who you are, who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.   

  • Confidence:  You will develop an enhanced sense of self efficacy sense of possibility. 

  • Action and Results:   You will create a plan to design the life you want;We help you break down your goals into actionable, concrete steps that lead to lasting change. 

  • Personal and professional fulfillment:  You will achieve professional and personal growth, to bring forth the best and most rewarding version of yourself. 

Corporations I have worked with


General Hospital


Care new England
health system

Kent Washington Association of Realtors® 


“I have forward momentum again in terms of exploring other possibilities. Deb is showing me how I can move forward. I’d be lost if I hadn’t started working with Deb.”



“Every single time Deb has coached me I have had some insight into my professional career or personally. I have come away from every coaching session with insights that I could use as a workable strategy.”


"I was overwhelmed with trying to find answers to where my career should be as well as what I wanted for my next steps. Deb's career experiences and ability to guide deep self-discovery were vital. I have more confidence in myself as a professional and feel a better sense of direction for my career."