Why we’re different


Deb's only goal is to help you achieve your goals, whatever those may be. She works with you to co-create a common understanding of your style, strengths, goals, challenges, and opportunities and create a highly customized approach for achieving professional and personal fulfillment that focuses on the whole person. She will help you to identify the best version of yourself and create a tailored pathway to achieve professional success, personal growth, and health and well-being.  You are in the driver’s seat – Deb is your "co-pilot" to support you in identifying your destination, mapping-out a course to get there and making the journey. The decisions and actions are yours. You will feel supported, heard, understood, informed, empowered, and confident.  

Quite often, clients present to coaching around a particular tactical goal and end-up focusing on deeper goals. For example, many clients have initially engaged with me to help them in advancing their career. As we uncover their values, strengths, and the details of their situation, they realize that something in their style or approach is getting in their way. As we explore these obstacles and they experiment with new behaviors and ways of being, what started as a very tactical goal generates transformational results. 


What We Offer

Whether it's for your as an individual or for your team, Deb guides you in developing the skills, agility and presence needed to lead, interact and live with confidence: 

  • Emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, empathy, relationship-building, emotional agility) 

  • Conversational Intelligence® 

  • Prioritizing, delegating, and saying "no"  

  • Dealing with conflict, difficult situations, and challenging people 

  • Inspiring, influencing, and motivating others 

  • Recognizing and acknowledging strengths and successes in yourself and others 

  • Navigating change


Who will benefit


The most important determinant of the success of coaching is the quality of client’s participation in the process. The coachee needs to be open to being coached and to engage in the process. That means being willing to be reflective and make changes.     

The quality of the relationship between the client and coach is the second most critical element to successful outcomes. The coachee needs to feel comfortable sharing with me and know that they can trust me.    

The success of the work also depends on the coach listening without judgment, understanding, and helping the client to stay focused by asking powerful questions, and supporting the coachee to develop new perspectives. 

Those most likely to benefit from working with me are: 

  • Individuals and teams who want to be their best selves to take their lives, leadership, and performance to the next level 

  • Individuals and teams looking to break through obstacles and embrace new opportunities 

  • Individuals and teams facing burnout who want to achieve more balance and fulfillment 

  • Leaders and teams seeking to improve team dynamics and results 

  • Individuals impacted by cancer treatment, accident or disease who want to define a new identity and vision


What you will achieve



You will become crystal clear on who you are, who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.   

  • Who you are - values, strengths, purpose 

  • Who you want to be

  • Assessing your personal wants and needs 

  • What you want to accomplish

  • Why its important to you

  • How you show up to others

  • What it take to be/do what you want  

  • What's getting in your way - obstacles and blind spots 

  • How you will overcome obstacles 


You will develop an enhanced sense of self efficacy sense of possibility. 

Action and Results:  

You will create a plan to design the life you want; We help you break down your goals into actionable, concrete steps that lead to lasting change. 

Rich and productive relationships with employees, peers, bosses, family, friends, spouses, and children:  

You will develop your ability to create openness, trust, constructive conversation, and shared vision with others. 

Personal and professional fulfillment:  

You will achieve professional and personal growth, to bring forth the best and most rewarding version of yourself. 

Maximized time and energy:  

You will cultivate positive habits and behaviors, make self-care a priority, gain self-mastery, learn to say "no”, and simplify your life in order to achieve synergy among and thrive in all areas of your life.  

Outstanding leadership:   

You will develop the self-awareness, behaviors, and discipline to enhance your leadership presence and generate followership.


About our coach

Debra Doroni, principal coach, is an International Coach Federation certified executive and leadership coach whose mission is to engage leaders at all levels to fulfill their greatness in their professional and personal lives.  She brings to her coaching more than 25 years of experience as an executive, having held strategic and operational leadership roles in large and small physician practice, academic hospital and for-profit healthcare settings.

Corporations I've worked with

  • Mass General 

  • Boston College 

  • Care New England 

  • Kent Washington Association of Realtors

How we’ll work together


The process, goals, and outcomes will be customized to your needs and style. 

  • We offer flexible individual coaching programs of 3, 6 or 12 months, team coaching, and group programs 

  • We offer "maintenance" coaching packages for continuing clients 

  • Engagements may be contracted by the individual or sponsored by an organization 

  • Conversations are held in person, by phone, or by video conference based upon client preference 

  • Assessments, books, and other tools are only suggested to meet your unique needs - there is not a one-size-fits-all approach.